Famous world Grounds in world


Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG):

The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is one of the oldest and most famous cricket grounds in the world. The stadium can seat a staggering 100,000 spectators at a time. Apart from cricket, the MCG is also used regularly for Australian Rules Football and was also famously the venue for the 1956 Olympics.

The first cricket match was held at the MCG on September 30, 1854. That was after the land was acquired by the Melbourne Cricket Club in 1853. The stadium went through several revamp in its long history, the first one coming in 1861. The MCG is also historical for the ground hosted the first ever Test match to be played. The match was played between Australia and England in 1877. Australia won the game by seven runs and it remains as one of the closest matches to be played ever. Following that match, the ground has been witness to many a thrilling cricketing battles over the year.

The Melbourne cricket Ground is a fitted with all the modern facilities for both the players and spectators to enjoy. It is centrally located and well connected to the railway stations. The stadium also has a comfortable media box and has the tallest light towers at any sports venue.

The Boxing Day Test match is held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground every year. However the ground is used for the Australian Rules football for the majority of winter.

The Melbourne Cricket ground is perhaps the best cricket ground in Australia and definitely one of the best in the world.

Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) :

The Sydney cricket Ground or SCG is one of the oldest cricket grounds in Australia. The stadium was established in 1848 and has since played host to a great number of historical test and ODI cricket matches as well as rugby and Australian Rules football matches.

The first official game of cricket was played at the SCG in 1879. From then on the ground has been witness to a number of great cricket matches and innings including Sir Donald Bradman's historic innings of 452* against Queensland in 1929-'30 and Brian Lara's skillful 227 in 1992-'93. 

Though the pitch at the Sydney Cricket Ground was once ideally suited for the batsmen to score big runs, it has now become a spinners paradise. Among the most memorable displays of spin bowling seen at the SCG is Allan Border's amazing 11-wicket haul in 1988-'89 against the West Indies.

The stadium has a seating capacity of over 40,000 and has many stands, including the famous Members Stand and Ladies Stand. Like most other cricket grounds in Australia, the Sydney Cricket Ground too has hosted many concerts and is a very popular venue for concerts as well. In January 2005 the Wave Aid concert was held at the SCG to raise funds for the Tsunami victims.

Adelaide Oval :

 The Adelaide Oval is considered by many as the most picturesque cricket ground in the world. Situated in the South Australian city of Adelaide, the ground is one of the countries top cricketing venues.

The Adelaide Oval had to face some problems in its early days in 1873. While the off field controversies included clashes with locals, the on field problems were restricted to the badly laid pitch that attracted criticism from all corners of the world. But with the time the controversies seemed to die down. However, the ground has always been associated with controversy and the highlight had to be the third test of the Bodyline series, when the disputes reached an all time high after several Australian players were grievously injured. Thankfully, with time the pitch improved and the controversies no longer seem to haunt the ground.

The Adelaide Oval is in the shape of a perfect oval and thus the name. It makes for great cricket with sixes and other big shots straight down the ground being a rarity and sixes square of the wicket being seen more frequently.

The ground also hosts some other sporting events including rugby tests and Australian Rules football matches. The ground is also a popular venue for large concerts.

England :

The Brit Oval Cricket Ground London :

The Brit Oval Cricket Ground London, or more popularly The Oval, is one of the most famous cricket grounds in the world. It is situated at Kennington in London and is home to the Surrey County Cricket Club.
The Oval is one of the most historic cricket grounds in England and primarily so for it was here that England played their first Test at home. The test was played against Australia in 1880 and England sealed it with a memorable win. This ground also treasures many more milestones such as the first ever double century made in cricket was made at The Oval by Australia's Billy Murdoch.
The ground has hosted test matches between England and every test playing country other than Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. Every tour traditionally ends with the final test being played at The Oval. The Oval hosted its first ODI in 1973. The match was played between England and the West Indies. Since then the stadium has hosted many significant international ODIs including matches of the 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999 World Cups Interestingly, an international Day/Night match has never been played at the venue.
Apart from cricket, the ground is also used for football and baseball matches. The first ever FA cup final was held at The Oval in 1872. A sports lover's paradise, this grand stadium is indeed one of the most famous cricket grounds in the world.

Lord's Cricket Ground, London :

Often called the Home of Cricket, Lord's Cricket Ground is one of the most prestigious of the cricket grounds. Its extremely scenic setting and rich history make it a very special ground for every cricketer.
Lord's Cricket Ground is under the proprietorship of Marylebone Cricket Club and is the home ground of the Middlesex County Cricket Club.

The Unique features of Lords Cricket Ground :

One of the most distinct features of Lords ground is the in the outfield. The extreme end of the slope, when compared to other end is little less than eight feet lower.
The other feature that has contributed to making Lords unique is the presence of Wind Vane.
Lords also has the MCC museum, which is oldest sports museum. It contains articles related to cricket of great antiquity.

New Zealand

Jade Stadium Christchurch

The Jade Stadium, Christchurch is one of New Zealand's oldest cricket stadiums. Apart from cricket, the ground also regularly hosts rugby matches and such is the popularity of rugby that once in 1883 a cricket match was halted for 2 hours so that a rugby match could be completed!

The Jade Stadium was first allotted a Test in 1881, but had to wait for a whole year to see actual international cricket being played at the ground. This was because the first Test was rained out and the stadium had to wait for another year to host a Test match.

One of the most brilliant features of the Jade Stadium is its lighting. With world class lighting facilities available, it is one of the most preferred grounds in New Zealand for Day/Night fixtures.

Sir Richard Hadlee had a special liking for this particular ground which was once temporarily transformed into a potato patch. He took a total of 76 wickets here at an average of 21

Eden Park No. 1 Auckland

Eden Park in Auckland straddles the contrasting world of Rugby and Cricket. In winter it serves as battlefield where Rugby wars are fought, while the breezy summer days get spent in the long days of cricket. The cricket pitch being removable, the transition from one sport to another can be achieved without much ado.

Eden Park has been a home ground to Auckland Cricket Club since1910. The first test match in Eden Park was played in 1952. It first hosted its Rugby match in 1925. Eden Park is a present undergoing significant refurbishment in the wake of winning the bidding for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Park has the largest spectator’s capacity among the other stadiums in New Zealand. It can currently accommodate over 40,000 people.

In recent years two grandstands have been constructed and they lie in apparent harmony with the old pavilion.

Eden Park was the venue where New Zealand recorded its first test match victory, which came in 1955-56 against West Indies. Yet, Eden Park was also the ground where New Zealand one of is most humiliating defeats-when it was dismissed for 26 against England in 1955.

Eden Park has traditionally assisted spinner, probably because of the humid weather conditions. 

McLean Park Napier

McLean Park is one of the best grounds in New Zealand. It has many facilities like an indoor stadium and Centennial Hall. McLean Park is the home ground of the Central Districts Cricket Association.

McLean Park has a lush outfield and a batsman friendly pitch. It has a regular feature since 1990 for the ground to host at least one ODI. McLean Park can accommodate around 30,000 spectators.

Besides cricket, McLean Park is also used Rugby matches. The names of the two ends of McLean Park are Centennial Stand End and Embankment End.

South Africa

Sahara Park New lands, Cape Town

A Sahara Park New land in Cape Town stands unequalled in its beauty. The awe-inspiring Table Mountain and Devil's Peak stand like giants outside of the ground, watching the men play in the lush green field.

A Sahara Park New land was first chosen as a test match venue for the match between and South Africa in March 1889. The match was won comfortably by England. The first ODI was played as late as in1992 on Sahara Park New lands. The inaugural match was played between India and South Africa, who won the match by 6 wickets.

Sahara Park New lands, unlike other South African pitches, favors spin bowling. In the recent years, significant transformations have changed the face of the Sahara Park New lands. The grassy little mounds that were scattered outside the main field have given way to a pavilion for the spectators. At present the ground can accommodate 25,000 spectators. 

Lord's No. 1 Ground Durban 

The Lord's No. 1 Ground Durban is one of the oldest cricket grounds in South Africa and though it no longer a stadium, it is associated with the county's cricketing history.

The Lord's No. 1 Ground at Durban hosted four Tests and 22 first class matches between 1910 and 1921. The ground did not prove to be too lucky for the South Africans and they could win only one of the four Tests that they played here. They lost one and drew the other two.

The stadium was destroyed in 1922 and ever since cricket in Durban has been played at the other stadiums like the Sahara Stadium, Kingsmead. South Africa.

Ellis Park Stadium Johannesburg

The Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg is presently a rugby stadium, but cricket was played here once when the Old Wanderers stadium was demolished and the New Wanderers was yet to be built. The ground hosted a few Test matches from 1948 to 1954.

Cricket was played at the Ellis Park Stadium after the Rugby Union and the cricket board reached an agreement that the stadium would only be used till the New Wanderers was ready. The stadium is today a full fledged rugby and soccer ground. It was heavily renovated in 1980 and has no trace of the cricket that was once played at the ground.